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Child Counseling in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Therapy & Associates in Los Angeles, California, provides child counseling services for a number of different behavioral issues and environmental circumstances. Contact us for an appointment today.

Marriage Counseling

Rebuild your relationship or assess the reality of a divorce or separation with our guidance. We provide a fully integrated counseling and therapy solution, which forms a foundation for people who want to embrace changes, improve the quality of their lives, and experience peace and happiness.

We'll Work On:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Resentment or Anger
  • Repetitive Arguments
  • Lack of Affection or Sexuality
  • Domestic Violence
  • Feelings of Distance or Emptiness

Divorce/Separation Services

Let us help you work through the feelings of loss, anger, and fear that often accompany a divorce or separation. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of children, so we help them to understand and express their feelings, communicate openly with both parents, and adapt to new situations such as separate households or step families.

Child Counseling

For children dealing with a variety of emotional, behavioral, and developmental disorders, we have specialists who have experience with children who are undergoing a major family transition due to divorce, moving, changing schools, family financial loss, or serious illness. We also are able to put parents in touch with tutoring for their child.

Additionally, we help couples who cohabitate or who are considering moving in together, consider all of the emotions and feelings that come with this transition. We'll work on conflict resolution, intimacy, commitments, and other issues.
Contact us to make an appointment for marriage counseling, child counseling, or other services to improve your relationships.