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Professional Alternative Counseling in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Therapy & Associates in Los Angeles, California, offers alternative counseling, which utilizes a more natural, mind/body approach. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Alternative Counseling & Psychotherapy

This is a natural, organic, mind/body approach to restoring healthy emotional, behavioral, and cognitive functioning. It is especially effective in dealing with depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, creative blocks, and debilitating personality traits that interfere with love, work, and the knowledge to sustain health.

Pioneered by Wilhelm Reich, M.D., and made popular by Alexander Lowen, M.D. in the 20th century, this method utilizes natural life energy and has helped many people reach their potential functional level. It has also helped people reduce or let go completely their addiction to self-medication or prescribed pharmaceuticals.

It should be noted that some people need medication and cannot function without it. However, in our society today, pharmaceuticals are over-prescribed by physicians for emotional, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms, without considering the scientific advances that have produced non-drug alternative methods, which are effective in eliminating a variety of clinical symptoms by getting to the source.

There are psychotherapists who consider pharmaceuticals as a last choice.
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